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Welcome to Lincoln Astronomical Society.

We were formed in 1959 and the observatory was opened in 1982. LAS are members of the Federation of Astronomical Societies and the Society for Popular Astronomy.

Meetings are held at our observatory and lecture facility at
23 Westcliffe Street Lincoln. Our lecture meetings take place at 7.30pm on the 1st Tuesday of each month, except for January meetings, which are held on the 2nd Tuesday to avoid  being too close to the start of the New Year.

Unfortunately, the 50 steps from the road to the facility make the site inaccessible for wheelchair users and we extend a sincere apology for people who might be affected by this.

Our site Risk Assessment is available and visitors are encouraged to read it. Please click here to view.

The Observatory was built by the members and opened in 1982 by Patrick Moore. It is named after two former Presidents of the society, Walter Pennell and Peter Hammerton and houses a 12" F5 Newtonian Reflector telescope which is equatorially mounted & motorised, to allow for long guided exposures of deep sky objects.

Membership & Visitor Fees:

Membership and Visitor Fees for 2013 are as follows:

Individual £25.00 ~ Family £33.00
Concessions (Unemployed, Junior, Full Time Student or Over 65 Years of Age) ½ price
Non member visitors to meetings or observing sessions
£3 each visit ~ Juniors £1.50

The observatory and lecture room is open to other groups, for instance Schools, Clubs, Scouts and Guides etc.

A general presentation with visual aids is given, followed by a visit to the observatory and and a look through the telescope, if the sky is clear. Large groups are usually split into two smaller groups to ensure everyone has a chance to use the telescope. A small selection of souvenirs are made available at the end of the session with prices ranging from 50p to £1.00

Please email the Visits Organiser to see if your preferred date is free, or telephone Graham Winstanley 01522 788591.

Note: The observatory is open to members seven days a week but members will alter their activities to suit any visitor requirements.

Regular observing sessions take place at the observatory. These are usually on Tuesday evenings from about 7.30pm if the sky is clear and visitors are always welcome.

In addition, Several members own their own telescopes and some are willing to give lectures to other astronomical societies. If you are associated with another astronomical society and would like to book one of our lecturers to give a talk please contact:

The Secretary
David Swaby
6 Brigg Road, Grange de Lings, Nettleham, Lincoln. LN2 2LZ. Telephone 01522 531591

We are on Westcliffe Street Lincoln LN1 3TZ.

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History of Lincoln
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LAS Key Contacts:
Chairman David Castledine
Secretary David Swaby
Treasurer Phil Norton
Visits Organiser Graham Winstanley
Press Officer Bill Booth