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Re: TAWPIA The Astronomical Work Party In Action

PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 10:53 am
by TheChairMan
9 November 2013:

TAWPIA attended by three Members today.

Initially there was a telescope training session supervised by the Treasurer. The Chair was impressed that the set-up from power-on is straightforward and works well. The new GOTO modifications slewed the telescope easily to Alpha Lyrae (Vega) which was observed as a sharp white point of light against a bright blue background well before sunset.

Other activities:

- Remedial repairs to observatory shutter flap.

- Alignment of telescope guide scope and finder.

- Continuation of basement block work activities.

Re: TAWPIA The Astronomical Work Party In Action

PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 11:09 am
by TheChairMan
16 November 2013:

Attended by 4 members today and activities included:

- Step sweeping, the leaves are disappearing quickly from the trees but appearing quickly on the steps. A consequence of the Earths tilt, its progression around the Sun and gravity.

- Further remedial repairs to Observatory Dome. On Thursday as it was being rotated during an evening group visit there were some loud cracking noises heard. There Chairman made it worse during another group visit on Friday evening. However and fortunately, the repairs were straightforward. The dome will finish the year in better condition than it started.

- Continuance of basement block work activities. Additional temporary and directional lighting was also installed in basement to facilitate work.

- Pointing of side access steps to Lecture Hall.

Mince Pies are starting to appear on site during Tea and Coffee Breaks, a sure sign that winter is approaching fast.

Re: TAWPIA The Astronomical Work Party In Action

PostPosted: Sun Nov 24, 2013 11:08 am
by TheChairMan
Saturday 23rd November 2013:

Four Members today with a good amount of work achieved.

- Additional Dome box ring skirt strengthening with modified Dexion angle section strips.

- Continuance of Observatory basement block laying. Block work is approaching 50% complete now, or alternatively there is still just over over 50% to do.

- Quick rake of leaves off steps.

- Cup of coffee accompanied by Jaffa Cakes and Ginger cake.

Members are reminded that they are encouraged to visit Saturday Work Parties; work is not required. Attendance in a Supervisory or Observers role is quite acceptable.

Visit after 13:30 the gate is normally open.

Re: TAWPIA The Astronomical Work Party In Action

PostPosted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 11:15 am
by TheChairMan
30th November 2013:

Today's work was similar to last weeks, in that current jobs were progressed.

- Observatory Dome Skirt reinforced with modified Dexion strips.

- Basement block positioning.

- Pointing of various minor and superficial cracks in observing platform.


The Treasurer assisted a visitor with telescope alignment advice on a telescope that the visitor brought to the site. The visitor departed happy.

The Treasurer also read the Gas Meter.

Next week is the Lincoln Christmas Market so there will be no TAWPIA activity due to no convenient available parking.

Re: TAWPIA The Astronomical Work Party In Action

PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:41 am
by TheChairMan
15 December 2013:

No TAWPIA today as with last week (8 December 2013). There may be one next week.

The Chair has not been informed of any damage due to the recent high winds. Can anyone confirm this?

Domes are inherently strong structures but dome shutters might not be.

Until next week....

Re: TAWPIA The Astronomical Work Party In Action

PostPosted: Mon Dec 23, 2013 11:15 am
by TheChairMan
Saturday 21st December:

Attended by 3 Members.

Using Sack trolley concrete blocks were taken down to site. Additional blocks have been sourced, courtesy of a generous local builder who had a few surplus.

The society now has enough blocks to complete basement block work. The block work should be complete mid March 2014 at current rate of activity.

Discussion took place over a cup of coffee reviewing past years activities and plans for next.

This year has been a good year for TAWPIA.

This completes TAWPIA for this year. Next year will be a new subject TAWPIA 2014 commencing early/mid January.