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Deepfield - Lincoln style

Postby Komet » Thu Oct 31, 2013 12:27 pm

Hello all ....

A few nights ago after a polar alignment session on the Societies 12" mount with Graham Winstanley, we pointed the scope at M57 to see what we could see and also to check on the periodic error the mount had. The PE was not good to be honest and being unguided this did restrict the exposure times to an extremely short 10 seconds before trailing was apparent. To increase the sensitivity of the camera we shot binned 2x2 (at 1x1 or full resolution the image would be twice this size and it is not as detailed as it could be). As only 19 of the 25 images captured were usable (the rest showing trailing due to the PE) this image is a total of only 190 seconds of exposure which is extremely short. (Hours are used normally to really bring out detail).

That said, M57 glows and displays quite a bit of detail - all three stars and excellent detail in the nebulosity itself. A thought here is even using these short sub exposures but using say a few hundred instead of 19 the result would be very good - at 1x1 though.

The really interesting part however are the faint galaxies that can be seen in the image below. You do need to peer deeply but the faint smudges in those blue circles are very faint galaxies (Once again, a few hundred subs would show them up even more). Does anyone use Sky6? If so then you might be able to help with the apparent magnitude of some of these.


Resolution ........ 1.759 arcsec/pix
Rotation .......... 4.219 deg
Focal ............. 756.41 mm
Pixel size ........ 6.45 um
Field of view ..... 20' 24.2" x 15' 12.8"
Image center ...... RA: 18 53 40.505 Dec: +33 02 35.47

M57 Mag 8.8
IC 1296 Mag 15.00
PGC 2024204 Mag 17.5
PGC 2017638 Mag 18.00
PGC 2813669 Mag ?
PGC 2813726 Mag 18.00
PGC 2813749 Mag ?
PGC 2813775 Mag ?
PGC 2813776 Mag ?

If anyone has any info on the unknown ones then please share.

The upshot is that the 12" is a good light bucket and it could be a formidable scope for imaging (skies permitting of course) :D
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