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Comet Lovejoy

Postby DaveMcC » Tue Dec 10, 2013 8:34 am

10th Dec 2013

I got up at about 03:30 this morning to have a look for the comet, it was forecast clear, and it was, so I set up... then clouds came over !

Set up the f9.4 Vixen 110mm VMC on SkyScan Az mount by the 'quick and dirty' method - point it magnetic north and level it, no sync to stars.

In gaps in cloud I tried to find it using co-ordinates on the map Phil sent out as a link. No luck. Then spotted the RA/Dec on print out was for 1st Dec

Tried this site (16h 13m, +33 36)

05:38 With the right values put into GoTo mount using x25 (40mm) found Lovejoy at (my readings) 16h 16m +33 36, Alt 31 49 Az 74 46. Swap to a basic equatorial mount, no drive and used its course setting circles ( 16h15m +30) to put the 80mm f5 Refractor on it (x10)

In both Lovejoy is a fairly distinct round smudge, no tail that I can see, but the sky is not very dark by now. Did try to photograph but nothing useful obtained.

Hint: I found the best way to drive an Alt Az mount to a specific RA/Dec is to add it into handset 'user objects' then let computer drive to it, rather than trying to use up/down, left/right buttons directly !

Packed up at 07:30 to get ready for work.
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Re: Comet Lovejoy

Postby Komet » Wed Dec 11, 2013 3:32 pm

Well done Dave

I tried through my binoculars the morning my imaging setup was taking its picture. I couldn't find it unfortunately.

Thank God for GOTO mounts ;)
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