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Comet Lovejoy 2014

PostPosted: Wed Dec 31, 2014 11:55 am
by DaveMcC
Managed to find it last night from friends house in Hackthorne.

21:00 UT Moon was bright and temp about 0C, slight haze. Started out with Vixen 110 DL on the Alt Az go-to mount but actually using the Vixen 9x50 finder to search.

Lupus is new territory for me as it is below my normal roof/tree & streetlight limit at home, hence the move to Hackthorn. Gave up using the Vixen after about an hour and by 22:10 fitted the 80mm f5 'wide angle' refractor to the mount and re-aligned it all. Started sweeping from epsilon to 'Nihal' , above and below and eventually at 22:40 UT found a faint fuzzy patch at 5h 11m 33s, -21d 28m 42s between two faint stars (later found to be TYC 5913-1262-1 and TYC 5914-1471-1) using 20mm zoom e.p. (giving me a 20 x 80 f5 instrument, approx. f.o.v. 2 degrees).

It was very faint in the moonlight, not worth dragging my friend out of her warm house to see it too. I had no camera with me, as it does not work well with an Alt Az mount so I plan to try again with the fork mounted C8 when the sky is a bit darker and comet is higher in the sky.

Packed-up at 23:00 with temp now at -2C.

Has anybody else been able to see it yet ?


Re: Comet Lovejoy 2014

PostPosted: Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:23 pm
by meteorgw
Last night we viewed comet Lovejoy with the society's 12". Condensed nucleus and very large circular halo but no hint of a tail. Today is closest approach to earth but it may still become a little brighter yet. Conditions were not ideal with bright moon and some clouds but I managed to capture a few wide shots with 1100d at 55mm. Because I had forgotten my classes (!) the comet always appears near the edge of the frame. Hope to have another try soon.

Re: Comet Lovejoy 2014

PostPosted: Wed Jan 07, 2015 10:42 pm
by Komet
I have imaged it using totally the wrong scope (it was the one on the mount at the time).