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Notes from a late night.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 9:02 am
by DaveMcC
Started at just after 9 pm with intention of doing some 'back to basics' observing with a small 'scope. Did not get to bed until 4 am.

Every time I try something different I learn, some may say "the bleedin' obvious" . For example I tried the camera on the skywatcher alt-az mount to see how far I could push it as its a popular option for beginners with small scopes and, at low declination and shortish times not too much trailing. Tried to catch the comet almost overhead, even 2 seconds too long!

Bright meteor seen but not detected by Phil s kit I'm told.

The newest version of sky map pro, V11 (V12 is a Windows 10 fix) works well with this mount, I tried it first to see if it did and second so I would not bugger up the usual software 'Sky Charts' as per LAS.

As winter comes I'm sure everybody images Orion to start the season. Likewise I ended the night with the herald of the spring and summer, the Ring nebula.

I'll update the usual suspects by mail with any images worth looking at