Observing at LAS 4th Nov 2014

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Observing at LAS 4th Nov 2014

Postby DaveMcC » Wed Nov 05, 2014 8:28 pm

After last nights talk a few of us went into the dome to unwrap the telescope. Sky was clear to the east with just a bit of haze, and still, with a bright moon.

Very good views of the moon using the 25mm and 15mm. The view was further enhanced when we put the moon filter on. It seemed to give a better contrast. Several in the group commented it was one of the most 'crisp' views they had ever seen with this telescope. Some discussion took place about what we were observing and the lack of a good club map. An iPad app was used but the orientation on its screen was all wrong for a reflector like this. the paper map I found is also North-up.

After the meridian flip we encountered some guiding errors but GW managed to sort it.

Moved on to Uranus, not expecting to see it as it was close to the bright moon however, there it was as an obvious disk with slight blue/green tinge of colour to it. Feeling bold we next attempted Neptune but it was low down and in the clouds.

So, with the clouds now starting to roll in from the SW we called it a night at 22:30

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